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Bitcoin Rush

Generate Passive Income and Become Financially Independent
Highly-Rated Automated Trading Software for Crypto Currency


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The Bitcoin Rush software will pinpoint extremely lucrative trading opportunities and generate huge profits. To do this, it leverages with advanced algorithms to scan the crypto currency market and find profitable trades. Quantum computing technologies analyse numerical patterns on a huge scale so as to be ready for market changes. The software uses quantum field technology to be 0.01 seconds ahead of the market in realtime. The Bitcoin Rush software has an accuracy rate of over 99%.


The Bitcoin Rush software runs within a zero degree Kelvin casing so as to use quantum field technology without the disturbing influence of temperature. This enables the algorithm to interpret the building blocks of time and the future in order to present you with the most likely outcome for any market changes, so that the trades are being made before the market catces up. When it comes to predicting markets and making trades, Bitcoin Rush is fully automatic – market trading doesn’t get any easier than this!


To ensure that the Bitcoin Rush software works seamlessly, we have removed the need for brokers. Our systems are installed with dark fibre connections to the New York, Tokyo, Frankfurt and Lond exchanges, meaning that your trade orders are arriving at the exchange before the market has time to catch up. Your trades will be received more quickly than the competition allowing you to make profits greater than those using traditional stock brokers or trading houses. Everything is taken care of by our systems!


Bitcoin Rush has an exclusive community comprised of traders and investors worldwide that use our unique software to generate daily profits from crypto markets. No matter the market conditions or trends, our system will be buying low and selling high. In the toughest market conditions, stocks become their most predictable. A disaster for a company ensures loss of stock value and that is where highly leveraged predictive CFD trading becomes vital. If you think back to 9/11 the American and United Airlines stock plummetted 40% in one day and those banking on shorts (and there were many) made billions..


The key to the Bitcoin Rush's success is the accurate trading algorithm it operates. This algorithm is forver evolving with Quantum AI which is the key to the continued success. A simple, hard-coded algorithm cannot evolve and change with the market like a Quantum AI can. The software's powerful AI algorithms give a 99% accuracy, generating massive profits.


The Bitcoin Rush software is always a step ahead of the market, thanks to Quantum AI predictive software. With these advantages, even new traders with zero trading experience can enjoy high rewards with low trading risks. The Quantum AI technology ensures fast order execution, which helps improve profit margins and simplifies the trading process.


Bitcoin Rush is the most popular crypto trading app used by thousands of traders globally. Anyone can use an auto-trading software because it understands the market numerologically rather than as a behaviour based entity. The crypto-market goes up and down because of all sort of rules, but an AI sees through these patterns and predicts in ways it is impossible for a human to understand.


Register Online

Visit the Bitcoin Rush homepage and enter your details into the application form. We will initiate your trading account forthwith. Opening an Bitcoin Rush account is free, as is using our trading app.

Fund Your Account

You need trading capital to get started with trading crypto currencies. The Bitcoin Rush software requires a minimum deposit of £250. The funds always remain yours, and you can withdraw them at will.

Begin Trading

With the $250 trading capital, you can start trading cryptocurrencies with our intuitive and powerful platform. Set-up your trading parameters in the option, launch auto-trading mode, and begin trading for profit.

Bitcoin Rush SCAMS

There are many Bitcoin Rush Scams online, some of which suggest celebrities use Bitcoin Rush as their real income, but none of this is true. Ryan Reynolds and Jenifer Lopez do not use Bitcoin Rush and neither does Elon Musk. These are simply affiliates trying to get extra people signed up by making up stupid stories online. If you can convince someonw that Richard Branson does not really make money from business but uses an app instead, you can take money like candy from a baby.
The Bitcoin Rush software is an affiliate marketig tool for boiler room scammers and is not real. No app can make money reliaqbly and if anyone ever invented one then the FBI would show up and confiscate it before that person wound up owning the whole world.


Bitcoin Rush does not trade. Of course it doesn't. No machine can safely predict the cryptocurrency market as it has no access to the factors that influence that market. It can learn from numbers, sure, and maybe do well in the short term. But soomer or later it will make a bad chice and then there is no going back. Who would you sue? The computer?
In 2009, Bitcoin was introduced to the markets and at the time, very few people took this digital asset and its blockchain technology seriously. Most people who had a lot of Bitcoinc were miners who were hoping it would become valuable, but even a lot of those sold early and will regret that now.
Today, the prices of cryptos remain volatile and liquid. For conservative traders, the volatility might be overwhelming so if you are not an experienced trader, stay away from Bitcoin and CFD and spread-betting. You will wind up a victim of a boiler room scammer otherwise.


Bitcoin Rush is an idea of an automated trading app designed to defraud people out of their savings. The idea goes something like this: you trade cryptocurrencies and generate passive income using some sort of trading robot. The sophisticated algorithms deployed by the software, in addition to other high-end technology, allows it to trade cryptos quickly and accurately and to supposedly always generate profits. These alleged powerful algorithms accurately predict market movements of digital assets to find profitable trading opportunities. This software is then supposed to generate trading signals and the software will automatically execute these signals with zero intervention from the trader. This means that thanks to the supposed automated features of the Bitcoin Rush software, users don't need prior crypto trading experience to earn money from the market. These features are supposed to make it the perfect app for novice and expert traders to trade cryptos and earn passive income. What this really means is, it attracts people who do not understand trading and draws them in to be defrauded!

Bitcoin Rush FEATURES

The Bitcoin Rush software is successful because of the innumerous numbers of crypto traders that believe it is true. The leading features of the software include:

Live Trading

This is where they find out that you have money to deposit. THey see you deposit the £250 and they know that your card details are worth something. FRom this moment on teh boiler room scammers descend. The minimum trading deposit requirement is $250.


Scammers will show you a fake screen that has a balance that climbs and climbs but it is all fake. They have long ago moved your money into crypto and it has become untraceable. You will never see that money again. As the balance on the fake screen increases they will get more money out of you and you will think you are doing well with your autotrading.


The Bitcoin Rush software has one majou problem, and you will find out what that is as soon as you ask about withdrawal! As soon as you do the Bitcoin Rush software will make a ton of terrible bets and they will point you towards the disclaimer that is at the bottom of most of these tyoes of pages. That trading carries risk and may not be best for all types of traders. You should research before you trade and only trade money you can afford to lose. Sorry, we warned you.

Demo Trading

The demo trading account offered by the Bitcoin Rush broker partner is just as dangerous as the real thing. It will make you think that you can make money and as soom as you see these results they will steal your real deposit. Stay away from all autotradeing robot nonsense and do not allow your self to be defrauded..



What is the daily earning threshold with the Bitcoin Rush software?

There is no earning threshold when using the Bitcoin Rush software to trade cryptocurrencies. Traders can earn or lose as much as they bid with the broker, depending on their available trading capital and the trading strategies they favour.


Does the Bitcoin Rush software support multiple devices?

No, it doesn't. There is no Bitcoin Rush software, the whole thing is a scam to get you signed up with dodgy offshore brokers who will defraud you.


How do I start trading with the Bitcoin Rush?

You can't start trading cryptocurrencies with the Bitcoin Rush software because it does not exist. Stay away from these scammers and you will be much happier. Simple!


Is Bitcoin Rush legit?

No it is a scam. Nothing like this could be real, it would bring the world to a standstill as no one would want to sell anything as money would become worthless. Do not believe their lies.


How much does Bitcoin Rush cost monthly or annually?

The public lose about £3 billion globally to scammers every year so you can see why there are so many of them and so many of these grim thieving scammer affiliates boosting their rankings and taking our money.